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If you're looking for an electrician in Petawawa, Safeguard Electric is just a call away. We offer several electrical services in both residential and commercial spaces. If you're looking for a company that puts quality first, trust the experience at Safeguard Electric for electrical projects of all sizes in Petawawa.

Safeguard Electric provides free estimates for our impressively wide variety of services in Petawawa. We can do this so you won't get slammed with a surprise bill. Whether your home needs an emergency power generator installed or your business requires structured cabling, we're your first choice to get the job done right the first time. Further, when it comes to lighting, we can design any kind of system for your residential or commercial space, both indoor and outdoor.

At Safeguard Electric, safety is our top priority. It's in our name. We strive to guarantee your home or business's safety comes first in our installations and inspections. Thousands of homes burn down every year due to aged, brittle and faulty wiring/electrical components. This startling and saddening statistic motivates us to ensure you receive the highest quality service. We enthusiastically offer 24-hour emergency service in Petawawa, Pembroke and the surrounding area's.

Most of our services are inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority to ensure quality and reliability, and all of our electricians are fully qualified. Safeguard offers Petawawa safety inspections in areas like energized electrical wiring, switches, receptacles, bond/ground connections and panels. During the inspection process, Safeguard Electric technicians use state of the art special testing tools to complete the task in an effective and timely manner. So the next time you need help in Petawawa with any breaker work, solar panel installation / maintenance, or smoke and carbon monoxide detector implementation, Safeguard Electric is just right around the corner.

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